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Monday, April 15 2019

Notre Dame in Flames

Sunday, April 14 2019

Winner in Israel : The New Voting Law

Thursday, March 28 2019

Macron's France, Chronicle of a political disaster long foretold

Friday, March 8 2019

Macron Gains As Yellow Vests Turn More Extreme

Friday, February 1 2019

The political map drawnn by the French still haunts Syria

Monday, October 1 2018

Is Facebook Turning Orwellian ?

Thursday, July 5 2018

Macron's France, Immigration, and Antisemitism

Wednesday, May 23 2018

From Jerusalem to Mayotte : France's Double Standards

Sunday, April 15 2018

The Strategic Goals of a Restored Russia

Tuesday, January 2 2018

Jerusalem, Capital of Israel