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Sunday, March 1 2009

Special Report/ The Gaza War and the rise of the Neo-French

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#1 Philo-Semite on 2009-03-19 12:53 (Reply)
Generally, a good article. But statement this is not strictly true: "Like most other Western countries, and in spite of its nationalistic posturing, France has ingathered large numbers of alien immigrants for decades, mostly from the third world" In fact, France, Italy and others "woke up" to their "Arab problem" in the 1990's and mostly shut down immigration. The problem remains of (1) massive numbers of existing immigrants and (2) their native-born children. These massive numbers, combined with the inherent "reverse racism" of the left (who see Arabs as "brown" and Jews as "white"), have the more moderate "native French" by the throat. The leftist influence on media in both Europe and the USA doesn't help. What are needed are (1) vigourous hasbara and (2) ruthless Israeli penalisation of leftist media (Guardian, BBC, Antenne2, etc) and (3) Jewish recognition that the international left has become an ENEMY of Jewish survival. For example, Muslim numbers are beginning to affect US domestic politics. Why, then, do so many Jews vote left in the USA, when those policies would allow even greater Muslim immigration?
#2 Andrew Ian Dodge (Homepage) on 2009-03-19 16:09 (Reply)
A great report, however I take exception to the continued description of Le Len et al as "far right". They are merely nationalist socialists and have nothing in common with the right.
#2.1 Eliot Vernet on 2009-03-22 08:16 (Reply)
You have a point here.

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