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Monday, April 23 2007

Commentary/ Can France Be Saved ?

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#1 Rogemi on 2007-05-10 10:55 (Reply)
Cher Monsieur, Votre article paru dans le revue Commentary est remarquable. Existe-t-il une version francaise? Cordialement Rogemi
#2 Jean-Charles DUBOC (Homepage) on 2007-05-10 18:18 (Reply)
Is it possible for Nicolas Sarkozy to destroy an ever-expanding welfare state when this situation has the support of an important part of the French electors, and when enarchs control the ministries ?... I have to emphasize that France is also the most corrupt country in the developed world, according to a study published by the Institute of Economic Affairs (London). This study about corruption in the developed world, by economist Ian Senior, awards Olympic-style medals for corruption at different levels of government and society, so that corruption by Presidents and Prime Ministers results in a gold medal, and corruption by lesser politicians and officials leads to the award of silver or bronze medals. According to this method, at the head of the medal table France receives four gold medals, Japan three gold medals and Italy two… In fact, corruption is much more important in France than any US political leader could imagine!... As a whistleblower, I have made a deposition, in January 1998, to the French ministry of Finance that François Mitterrand, president of the French Republic, would have stolen the 90/91 Gulf War Indemnities. Amount would be 3,5 billions dollars !!!…. I have had the possibility to check this information to the head quarters of the French Defence… My action is available on a UMP web site (5000 connections) at : http://www.planete-ump.fr/t602-D%C3%A9tournement-des-indemnit%C3%A9s-de-la-guerre-du-Golfe-90-91.htm So, my position is that it is absolutely impossible to improve the French society when such a corruption is possible. The first decision for Nicolas Sarkozy should be to stop corruption of French leaders, and the best solution should be to develop a “whistleblowing “ strategy by the Government to control our enarchs, and political leaders… After a political and social crisis, it would be possible, at least, to modify the governance in France, and stop the French decline… Jean-Charles DUBOC

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Can France Be Saved ?

Demographic upheaval, immigration shock, social chaos, public bankruptcy. This is the face of France in 2007, after fifty years of unchallenged statism.French elections can be as entertaining as Russian roulette. Twelve years ago, in early 1995, it was ta

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